The Subversive Women Project is a compilation of stories of various Subversive Women who are subverting, challenging and transforming their realities. They are selected from different countries from multiple organisations and process of change. The stories are presented in a way that intertwine their work; personality and ideas in a digital format. This project was created out of the need of these stories and as a way to understand their thoughts, motivations, realities and visions.

The Subversive Women Project is a brain child of Emilia Yang, blogger, activist and internet addict  from Nicaragua who likes to create digital communication projects and offline engaging projects. Her first life love was Economics, but for reasons of fate end up working between pixels and words. Currently she is studying a M.A in Communications at Penn State University.

“I just know that there is a lot of young women from diverse backgrounds that are currently working on reducing inequalities and the construction of a more developed society based on freedom and equal opportunities. In here they define themselves and their work.”


This project will be presented as Emilia’s final project for her Seminar in Media Production class at Penn State Harrisburg but will be an ongoing project, if you want to participate or recommend a Subversive Woman please click here

Special thanks to the interviewees for sharing their story, to Dr. Samuel Winch for his supervision, Roberto Guillén for his counseling and to my colleagues for their feedback on the project. This project is not related to Saskia Wieringa’s book Subversive Women: Women’s Movements in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.



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